In 1977 two business partners, Renzi and Annibalini, founded a small enterprise that offered services to local furniture companies. The business focused mainly on providing handling systems and support to companies to help them transport materials within their warehouses and production facilities.

In the 1990s, the Annibalini family decided to continue the business and started producing small equipment for material handling and, thanks to a network of foreign collaborators and retailers, expanded its market beyond the Italian borders.
Today, the company is able to design and manufacture special machines, automated solutions to transport and handle materials from different sectors: wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, marble.

In a market in which the in-house approach is becoming increasingly rare, Annibalini Primo makes every product according to customer specifications, ensuring flexibility and competitive prices.

Products take shape in our hands. This means that we can adapt to all needs, both in terms of deadlines and product characteristics.

Annibalini Primo